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if you're reading this, you know what a browser is. a lot of browsers nowadays track your data -- especially google chrome, microsoft edge, and mozilla firefox. the BIGGE THREE. however, if you don't like having strange megalomaniacal omnipresent techcorps ruling over your browsing experience and making profit off of you, you're not alone! there's quite a few browsers here that are bound to strike your fancy, from small internet wonders to revivals of classics.

~~ HTML ~~
  • Librewolf - free firefox fork that take security very seriously. not only does it block trackers, it's legit galvanized levels of internet security while still being lightning fast!
  • NetSurf - barebones html browser that blocks all backend code and a grand chunk of javascript. this is basically THE modern day web 1.0 browser.
  • - made by the same guy who made opera back in the 90s. legit my go to browser for everything http. it has a TON of customizability options, tab stacking, and an ad/tracker blocker (nifty), translation options, a notepad, a calendar, a good rss reader, and a MOTHER FUCKING EMAIL CLIENT ALL BUILT INTO IT. it's a fucking HOOT.
  • AmiGemini - gemini protocol browser for amigaos. yes, you read that right.
  • - gemini/gopher/finger protocol browser for windows, mac, and linux. FORMER GOAT, but still really good! very customizable for when you want a personalized experience and light on resources.
  • - gemini/gopher protocol browser for windows, macos, and linux. THE GOAT so far. has a stunning interface that isn't as customizable as kristall but damn wonderful to look at. has inline display for images and video, support for the titan protocol (nifty), shortcuts, and integration with gemini search engines. and that's just scratching the surface!
  • Starfish - gemini protocol browser for linux. very neat browser at that, has support for image viewing and a very tidy interface.

Chat Clients
i ain't gon ditch discord, i have WAY too many connections on there to consider ditching the site! however, i do realize how batshit spywarez-y they can be - that's why i'm sharing these alternatives to discord for your discretion, mostly of irc nature. i'm still gonna use discord, but if you find someone named "lumby" here, it might be me! no guarantees, though

~~ IRC ~~
  • AtarIRC - irc client for atari st.
  • HexChat - the most popular free irc client. it's ok. don't get me wrong, i like using this, but it's just...ok. kinda boring, in fact.
  • IceChat - this is "the chat cool people use" which i can fuckin believe. this client has a LOUD and feature-rich interface that has earned itself quite a userbase. quite a powerful yet convoluted program.
  • - linux only. THE GOAT OF IRC CLIENTS, and that's mainly because of how modular it is. there's plugins for it out the wazoo, multiple setups online that make it go beyond ANY irc client i can even fathom to list, and to top it off it embodies haxxor energy like a GOD. i used to use this thing so much when i was on linux, though those days are behind me...for now.
  • Libera Chat - the biggest irc network as of writing this. freenode is fucken DEAD LMAO
  • EsperNet - smaller network with still a lot to do. #minecraft, #kspofficial, and #battleofthebits are here
  • - tildeverse's irc network. has a SHIT TON of channels!!

HTML ide's and Code Editors
ok. so if you're on neocities, you prolly know what html (and possibly by extension css) is. if you're one of the dozens of people using the neocities code editor, you might want to switch to something more...well, fully featured than an inline notepad. there are quite a few out there, but these are downright the best for achieving a smallweb feel

  • FrontPage 2003 - this is mainly for those running vm's/old ass laptops who want a good ass web 1.0 editor in their xp installation. legit used this for some of my older (late 2010s - 2020) html/css projects
  • FrontPage 98 - see above, but for even OLDER pcs. think 9x/nt 4
  • Bluefish - feature-rich text editor that has autocomplete and a tabbed workflow
  • Brackets - slick text editor with live preview and ineline editing
  • Notepad++ - simple and resource light text editor with markup highlighting. my go-to editor