...oh shit it's a serious shrine, huh?

yea, i've known about the scott pilgrim franchise for AGES now. been introduced to it at the age of ten and well...here we are i guess lol! for the longest time, i've been meaning to read this series, and now that i'm currently 2/3rds the way through it (and have read lost at sea as well) i might as well make this shrine doodad.

it's FAR from being finished, but i do have a ton planned for it. my thoughts on scott pilgrim and his hilarious, romance-inebriated, pity-soaked, video game- and anime-fueled journey to get with ramona "so out of your league i loop back into being in your league" flowers are IMMENSE and plentiful, as are my thoughts for a good chunk of bryan o'malley's works. BUT i've spent too much FUCKING TIME on this update, so a placeholder will do for now.

some of what i got planned include
hopefully that can all be done within the month
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