...oh shit it's a serious shrine, huh?

yea, i've known about the scott pilgrim franchise for AGES now. been introduced to it at the age of ten and well...here we are i guess lol! for the longest time, i've been meaning to read this series, and now that i'm actually done with it finally i might as well make this shrine doodad.

scott pilgrim is the story of a sop-soaked love-drunk twenty something, his pathetic assholic ways and how he rectifies them for a girl who can rollerskate in a different dimension. not a great introduction to it, ik, but TRUST ME; this is one of the better graphic novels the 2000s have produced. it's spawned a good chunk of internet in-jokes, galvanized the then-up-and-coming nerd subculture with a franchise catered to their interests, and introduced anamanaguchi to the general public.

a good chunk of this will basically be me geeking out about bryan o'malley and his works. this includes scott pilgrim's precious little life (as linked above), as well as his works pre and proceeding that blockbuster graphic novel. this includes: hopefully that can all be done within the month
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