thanks to special technology as developed by e.z. g.i.f., gifs are now so easy, they've skipped the word "easy". EVER since the DAWN OF {computers} WE HAVE ASKED OURSELVES ONE QUESTION: what if................easy was EZ??? what if the hardest GIF was EZ?!>!1?! meet the ezgif. let the ezgif change your life FOREVER.

EZGIF was made by E.Z. G.I.F. -- Ethan Zeethan Geethan I. Feethan I. ever since he was birthed onto his world, his goal was to bless us {computer} users with the holiness of ezgif. he has succeeded thusly and ever since that day -- october iiith, mmxii -- we {computer} haver/needers have been the happiest we've ever been. what a legend. please adopt me senpai
Ethan Zeethan Geethan I. Feethan, circa December 2012
the EZGIF is a very ez thing to produce. first, you go to with your browser. then, you insert video. EZGIF will spit out EZGIF for you to EZGIF onto your EZGIF shrine.

oh? what's this? it's the EZGIF spider
oh ho!
oh ho! dancing as always! the EZGIF spider is the official mascot of the site.* whenever people see him, they go "oh ho! dancing as ever, EZGIF spider" and laugh very joyusly as the spider spiderdances his way through the night!**

it looks like he's given us some gifts! or should i say.....................EZGIFs???? here is a curated collection of some of my favorite EZGIFs!
*official status has not been confirmed. we have contacted mr gif about the mascot and will update accordingly.
**dancing into night might be related to recent local incidents. please contact your local or state government about a nocturnal dancing arachnid.
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