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well this page is for you!! this is where i store my (sometimes) unfinished song demos for all of neocities (and the internet) to see. usually these demos are under 3 to 4 minutes long, though there will be outliers eventually. these demos are here due to one of the following reasons:
  • the album they are(/were to be) a part of has been out for months, making the leaking of most if not all unfinished songs kinna moot.
  • they were a part of a project that had since been abandoned.
  • they were a part of my accounts on or if that's the case, some of them might not be the originals but rather later versions with more development put into them.
feel free to browse thru the endless expanse of lumbdemos (in descending chronological order):
Title: Song Length: Made on: Description


it beacons towards you 1:15 November 7 this was one of the last one-hour battle songs i contributed to battle of the bits. fitting how it's also the last nsf+dpcm track i would contribute to the site, i think it's a good way to go out


step it up 0:12 December 12 mariopaint song w/ the prompt "no food"
spooky minors 1:24 November 10 i distinctly remember being so shocked over this winning the one-hour battle it was subbed to. hyena lmao'd myself into the night
an icy stare from the abyss 3:06 October 3 this was i believe the last entry i contributed to this x-hour battle series. it was called "The Ultimate Hum" and was kinna weird? basically the guy who was running it wanted to make a compilation album of/concept vgm album with songs from all the best botbrs in it. i never got in, this was still in the arpfuzz era lol, but i remember a ton of stuff happened due to it.

the one thing that stuck in my mind was a debate over the payment of all the artists. i think i remember how sketch it was handled, there was like these blind bags for everyone? either that, or for everyone, i don't entirely remember.

there was also supposed to be a sequel, a weeks-long major battle with multiple submissions allowed. after 3 or so weeks it shuttered. :P
final climax 1:15 September 19 first remotely classical-themed song i made. it's not the best -- a few other tracks easily beat it out now -- but it's a humble beginning fosure. mars ftw
forlornly weathered 1:36 September 18 song to backdrop the discovery of ancient ruins. made on my birthday
sleaze street 1:11 September 17 arpfuzz era af. you can practically feel the arpeggios undulating under its skin
hallucinatory memory 1:42 September 7 best 2020 track. i remember this being subbed to a battle with no other ppl in it and that's the funniest bit abt it lmao
FUCK YOU BUS SERVICE 0:56 August 25 first real good storytelling song i've made. the prompt was really descriptive of what was wanted of the participants while still allowing for really creative interpretations. i'd prolly develop this out for a future album ngl
a noir night's disturbance - vanished 2:22 August 12 i used to call this the best song i've made i think? either way classic lumbcore
templar man 2:30 (loops) July 14 the ONLY REASON this is here is because of a sick ass fucking staccato lick i did at 0:53 that i fucking ADORE. idec if it's not all that good, it is fucking ADDICTIVE SEND HELP
ultra giovanni bros 1:07 July 11 demented clown mario
into the speaker i go wooooo 0:57 July 2 yes there are 2 pc speaker songs. no i am not taking them down. s o z
bullet train to jigoku 4:35 (loops) June 5 one of the first battle of the bits songs i've done since coming back to the site during the pandemic. it's a peachfuzz era song fosure


this dude's blue too fock you 0:43 November 21 best 2018-era lumby song maybe? still objectively shit
i think that's the boss 1:25 November 13 fun fact: most of my musical knowledge was self taught! this is an example of such a time in which i didn't have said musical knowledge and also was a hormone-fueled teenager! i'm sorry