woah a BLOG
written - 2.20.2022
we straight divin into this 2004 shizz now huh

hey! hope you're enjoying the website so far. i know you probably have a bunch of questions about what this site is, who i am, and so on so forth hence on. well i'll GET TO THAT!! soon. very soon

i've been on the internet since i was 5 and finally making a website like this is something i've been wanting to do for a while now! long story short, i've grown tired of traditional social media. feels like the same exact shit every single day: drama drama drama, drama drama drama, OOPS THE WORLD IS ENDING, drama. i'd rather just have this instead, truth be told.

but yea, here's a lil bit about myself for you before i get the "Who me?" page done:

and that's all i got for the time being. like i've said all throughout this site, i'm constantly updating so please check back often! you might see something NEW, something s t r a n g e , something peculiar! or not, idfk what the future brings lmao

peace v